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Learning SEO is a great process and every person who is Digitally Active, or has a business, or is a blogger, should learn SEO.

The process itself is so rewarding that I am overwhelmed to mention it.

The first and foremost thing one learns while learning SEO is great content.

So many people say and I also feel that content is the basic thing for SEO.

Anyone who knows how to write great and engaging content can become an SEO expert with little effort.

I have seen people preparing for IELTS exams. They have a writing section.

I have found those tips highly effective for SEO.

Another thing is if one writes content in a conversational mode, that has a great engagement.

So, the first thing to learn SEO is to learn awesome content writing, SEO optimized content writing.

Whatever, I have written here is SEO optimized and in a very friendly manner.

Anybody can understand it.

After content writing, you need to understand the importance of Internal links.

You need to link the articles on your website to the existing article only if there is some connection.

And, when you are writing a blog on a niche, it is frequent to have many common things between blog posts.

The next thing in learning SEO is creating Backlinks.

Though, I believe, that if your content is good enough, you get so many backlinks automatically.

But why wait for that to happen. Just make some efforts and create some good and relevant backlinks.

Some people talk about creating backlinks on Quora. They say that their posts are not approved by quora because of the backlink.

I have a great solution for them. As I am writing the answer to this question and if my answer is valuable, then people will check my profile and the traffic will come to my website as well.

Additionally, I am growing my authority by writing answers on quora.

Just wanted to add this point here.

So, we have three things till now to learn SEO.

  1. Content

  2. Internal Links

  3. Backlinks - External Links

The rest of the things in Learning SEO are quite easy. For example, updating the SEO plugin in WordPress. There are websites where there is no plugin and no need for SEO settings.

As per my understanding, google does not care about Title and Meta Description these days. However, it is strongly recommended to update if you have an option to do so.

The next thing is Technical SEO.

Technical SEO is all about Title, Meta Tags, Crawler Settings, CSS Settings, Page Speed Settings, and Image Optimization.

Once you are done with all these things, you can move to the next level of SEO.

The next step in Learning SEO is to understand Keyword Research, keyword Competitiveness, and Domain Authority.

You can take a one-month subscription for all SEO tools or any specific tool like Ahrefs. One month is more than enough to understand all these things like Keyword Volume, Competition, and Domain Authority.

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