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Disclaimer - All The Below Tools Has Nothing to Do with Official WhatsApp and Facebook. All the tools below are Developed and Supported by our technical teams and partners.

Regular Automated Payment Reminders

WhatsApp Payment Reminder Tool

Increase your cash flow, get more payments regularly, delight yourself and delight your customers/clients/parents/etc.

This tool will automatically send WhatsApp messages with the due amount to your clients/parents/etc. You will be getting more payments than ever. This is the best tool for any business. Getting payments is one of the challenges for all businesses. It is more efficient than having a person to remind your clients.

Total Savings once fully implemented - Rs. 150000 approx

Please note for this task you do not need additional manpower.

TASK Delegation and Management

WhatsApp Task Delegation Tools

Numerous times you have given a task to your team and you did not even realize to follow up on that. So many tasks keep pending in this way and lead to your frustration. Isn't It!

Well, do not worry anymore. This task delegation tool will make your life super easy in terms of Task Delegation and Management.

Moreover, you can do this all from your SmartPhone. Yes, now you can really call your smartphone a smartphone. You will not even realise the benefits of this super cool tool. This tool keeps a record of scores and timelines as well. Everything gets recorded in the background and you can always go back and check the same.

Total Savings Once Fully Implemented - Rs. 250000 Approx

Please note, no need to hire any manpower for this tool.

New Lead Engagement and Nurturing

Whatsapp Lead Nurturing Tool Google Sheet

What happens when you get a new enquiry to your business. Well, your employees give an initial presentation, do some follow-ups and that is all. Then that lead is forgotten forever.

Please understand that Lead Nurturing is as sensitive as nurturing your child. Continuous and consistent nurturing is required. Well, your employees can rarely do that. Even BigShot Companies tools to handle things.

So, this Lead Nurturing tool keeps sending the information once saved in the templates to your new leads. You start getting more customers from your prospects. You are not even directly involved in the process.

Total Savings Once Fully Implemented - You not only save manpower cost but increase your overall income.

Please note - There is no need to hire anyone for this task.

Birthday and Anniversary Greetings

Automatic Birthday Greetings via WhatsApp

Is it really possible for you to send personalized birthday and anniversary greetings? No Way, Nobody can do that. It takes a huge amount of time that is totally considered as waste.

However, this tool does this all. Customized Birthday and Anniversary greetings are sent regularly. Your relations with family and clients get improved. You have a more popular image in the folklores. As a result, you start getting more business.

Automatic Replies To New Enquiries - ChatBot

WhatsApp Chat Bot Auto Reply Tool

When you have your contact number on your website and on other social media platforms. You can expect enquires from your prospective clients. These enquiries are similar in manner. So, our team sets up all the inquiries and their smart answers in this tool for you. Your clients/parents/students get timely answers. No need to hire an additional person to handle this anymore.

It increases your customer satisfaction. Good Customer Satisfaction leads to more business. Isn't it?

Savings are really good as you do not have to hire a person to answer queries. Moreover, no mistakes. What you approve as pre-defined templates, your customers/clients/parents/students get the same. A standard is maintained across the communications.

Implementation of the Tools

Business Implementation Support OnSite

When it comes to Implementation of All WhatsApp and Google Workspace Tools, organization and their staff find it challenging. Even after complete support and guidance, they are not able fully implement the most required tools into their day to day working.

As we understand the importance of the implementation, we extend personal involvement into your organization. An expert is delegated for 15 days or more for your organization. This personnel takes care of complete implementation of WhatsApp and other Smart Tools which are necessary for your organization. Complete hand holding and training is done for you and for your staff.

Please understand that your training is foremost important. If you lack the required skills as business owner, your employees will never be as efficient as they should be. So, we make sure you know the necessary knowhows.

So, if you are looking for real smart WhatsApp, Email, CRM, Marketing, Intranet, Digital Marketing, SEO, tools, give me a call at 9759999231.

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Smart Business Tools and Implementation

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Implementation Cost - Rs. 15000 for 5 days. Additional Days cost Rs. 3000 per day. TA & DA also Applicable.

Implementation is FREE for All OCOCOC Clients

Cost of WhatsApp Tools is not included in Implementation Cost. Unlimited WhatsApp Service with Multiple Tools As mentioned above Starts from Rs. 60000*

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