My Journey To Becoming An Influencer

Namaste Dear Friends! My name is Sunil Chaudhary. Most of you must be knowing me as a founder of JustBaazaar and SEO Expert. However, I am also an active blogger. I have been writing since 2007 on various blogging platforms. Since 2016, I have mostly written for websites like this one. I also actively write for leading blogging websites.

How I started!

My reason for starting writing was not making money. I did not have any idea back in 2007 that I could make any money by writing blogs. My pure intention was to share with you my thoughts and these blogging spaces gave me the opportunity.

I was most of the time writing short messages to make a small thoughtful contribution to a better society. I have even been doing this on various social media platforms as well.

What Changed in 2017?

In 2016, I founded my company JustBaazaar. Now, I was thinking of many ways to educate people on how to make the most of the website to promote their business. So, I started writing about SEO, Promoting businesses, Location business promotion, etc.

I utilized various methods to reach more and more people. Yes, social media has been the most beneficial thing. Additionally, I did use the notification tools and basic tools provided by the WordPress platform.

Becoming Influencer

When I was in constant touch with new things, updates, and new trends in our digital world, I came across this Influencer thing and was instantly interested. I was a bit of an influencer already but I did not realize that. I had a good social media following, a youtube channel, and a good website. So, I thought it would be fun to be a well-known influencer. So, I started working on that. But let me be honest, I was not consistent back in 2018. Nor, I was absent from the screen.

I kept writing with my full power and knowledge I had. I never hesitated in researching the topics and getting more knowledge about them. This helped me become a better content writer and a kind of influencer in the webspace.

Scope of Influencer Marketing

When I am talking about being an influencer, I feel it is important to mention what is Influencer marketing here. Influencer Marketing is a Big Things for Business Owners these days. People with a huge following on social media platforms are called social media influencers. Whatever these people mention and promote on their platforms, their followers pay attention to that. Business Owners are interested in paying these influencers in many ways.

Popular platforms for influencers are Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Influencers like Brennon Hightower are making a huge contribution in this field. Also, some organizations know how to use influencers better than others. One of the smart businesses like these is Mountain Dew.

Did I make any money?

To be honest, In starting, I did not make any money but without losing interest, I continued my work. As a result, I have made some money in the last 2 years through my blogs. Not only this, I could sell my digital services due to the hard work I put into my blogs. So, you can say, I, have become a healthy influencer. Now, in 2021, people know me as an SEO and Digital Marketing expert. Business owners love to listen to me and read my blogs. Finally, I see the opportunity to make a good living from my influencer journey.

My Partnerships

When I reached to Business owners to include them in my work and directly promote them, I could become Business Partner for some restaurants, doctors, showrooms, and manufacturers. Many of them are loyal clients of mine. Not to mention, they pay me regularly. Thanks to the authority my website has established in the internet market.

Affiliate Influencer

I have been trying to become an affiliate influencer for many years. Now, I can say that I have learned a lot from my mistakes and test and try methods. I have been able to make a little money from affiliate marketing as well.

What is in the future for me as an Influencer?

As it has been a long time, and I am not diverted from my path. I am not even more convinced to be a great Influencer in the online world. Now, I have the ways, success methods, marketing tools, good social media following, two youtube channels, and much more that I can not mention here. I hope to help more and more business owners with my services and tools I have.

What is there for you in my journey?

I love helping people. So, you can get lots of FREE knowledge from my blogs. So, please feel free to follow me. Also, if you are a local business owner, I can be of great help to you in terms of SEO, Digital Marketing, website, and much more.

If you want your services and products to reach more people, my services are always available for you.

With love!

Sunil Chaudhary aka Suniltams

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