India's Leading Digital Coach

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Yes, you can see me as India's leading digital coach in India.

You can see me as a digital coach in India. Actually, India's leading digital coach.

but how I became a digital code, that is an interesting story.

if you go to Google search engine and search "India's leading digital Coach", you can find me on the top of Google search. that is really fascinating. isn't it?

yes, it is.

it gives me a great feeling when I see my name on the top of Google search when I search for the keyword India's leading Digital Coach.

what is digital coaching?

Digital coaching is nothing. it is a very simple thing when people when trainers and coaches use online platforms and resources to teach and coach people this process is called digital coaching

what is required to become a digital coach?

that is an interesting question

there are multiple ways to become a digital coach. there are so many free resources you can use to become a digital coach.

there are some low-cost resources to become a digital coach and there are some really good but highly costly resources to become a digital coach.

I provide complete coaching about all these tools and I have people who want to become digital coaches.

what all is included in digital coaching?

you need a website.

you need social media Optimisation.

You need landing pages.

you need email marketing.

you need WhatsApp automation.

you need content writing and so many more things to become a digital coach

However, not everyone is very technical.

Setting up all the things is not a cup of coffee for everyone.

That is why my role comes into the picture.

Aspiring coaches approach me e ask me for my help and I provide live coaching where I do live implementation of the systems and these coaches can observe what is happening in front of their eyes and they are passively learning.

Not only this they have access to the recordings of All sessions and they have access to this recording for their lifetime.

This is what I am doing these days in short.

So what do you think about my profile and everything?

Does it fascinate you?

Do you find it a cool thing that I am making good money by sitting home?

I am not required to commute to any office.

I am not required to spend money on formal wear.

I am not required to follow any managers orders.

I find it awesome.

This is what I am doing right now.

Digital Coaching is in high demand these days.

The covid pandemic has changed everything.

Parents do not find it comfortable to send their children out of their homes.

Nobody wants to be among the crowd.

There is a grave fear that they may catch the Corona infection. Now, we have Omicron and another variant is found in Europe.

So, more and more people are learning from their homes.

People want to learn skills so that they can have a great future. They want to learn the skills which can give them sustainability in long term.

Now everything is going digital.

We have no contact delivery of food and all items we shop for from different eCommerce websites.

People are not comfortable coming together with other people.

That is why this is the time when you should try to learn something really useful.

And, if you have something to share with the world, you must use online resources and digital skills to start teaching and mentoring online.

That is most popularly called Digital Coaching.

Before March 2021, I was also teaching offline. I used to teach the English language and IELTS. Also, I had a company called JustBaazaar where we provide Digital Marketing, SEO, and Business Listing Services.

In February, I wanted to understand the entire system of Digital Coaching.

So, I started looking for options and also Started following people who are trainers, coaches and business leaders.

I came across a few good coaches and really mind-blowing leaders.

I joined their courses for understanding. Also, I followed them and joined their communities.

While going through these courses I could understand that I have a great pool of Digital Skills. And, I can use these digital skills to help anyone.

I can teach people all these skills.

So, I started exploring the options to become a Digital Marketing Coach.

As you know that we have already been providing Digital Marketing and SEO Services through our company JustBaazaar, I had sold knowledge of digital marketing and seo.

I am already the best SEO Expert in India. You can search for that on google.

So, I became pretty confident that I should launch my digital marketing courses.

I am in a habit of helping people. I do not go after money all the time. I feel good when people get my help and resolve the issues.

So, I started helping all people who came into my contact. they started asking me different questions related to digital marketing and making a career in digital marketing. I willingly answered to the best of my capabilities.

In this process of helping people, I realized the scope of additional courses as well. So, I developed additional courses.

Additional courses mean additional earning.

You should understand that these courses are recorded and I am not required all the time to take classes. This is the major benefit of Digital Coaching.

Not only for coaches but also for learners. learners have access to lessons and resources all the time. They can access their lessons, tips, and assignment anytime and anywhere.

Later. I came across some people who are not comfortable setting up all the systems for digital coaching. So, a few of them approached me.

I offered them an affordable fee and I helped them set up everything.

Now, they are also Digital Coaches.

To mention, I have helped one health coach and one parent coach.

I am pretty much happy with my performance.

However, there is no guarantee of success. You need to be successful daily in your actions. Success is always there.